First Aid Training

The mainstay of EDSFAT is First Aid. One way we “Support Scouting Events” is by providing training to leaders and young people within the Scout Association.

The main way EDSFAT provides training to Leaders is through the East Sussex County Training office. Two different courses can be offered: a First Response Course or a British Red Cross accredited course, although currently feedback indicates that leaders prefer the First Response Courses.

To help provide First Aid training to the young people EDSFAT either organise a complete training day for a number of groups, or attend a regular evening meeting. The new Scout Association progressive “Emergency Aid” badge scheme provides a structured set of areas that have to be covered and give the Young People a progressive scheme to work through. If you know of a group that would benefit from EDSFAT attending and providing some sort of First Aid training then please get in contact.

For more detailed information of each of the First Response Course and the Emergency Aid badge scheme please see the pages below:

For more information on training for EDSFAT members please visit our member training page. 

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