Large Event Planning

EDSFAT has lots of experience in planning medical cover for large events.  Dating back to the first large event in 1983 through to today.  Since 2003 we have been involved with at least 1 international jamboree every year, including locally in Sussex and also further afield, such as NorJam, CamJam and KIJ. Our large event planning group is overseen by Ian Lewis who was head of healthcare for the World Scout Jamboree in 2007.

First Aid and Medical Team - NorJam 2014

One of the first things we will do when look at medical cover for large events is refer to the Health and Safety Executive Event Safety Guide. This is the nationally accepted standard and EDSFAT will always meet or exceed these when covering an event. You may find it has useful advice for other aspects of your event planning and can be downloaded from the HSE here: Link to HSE Event Safety Guide

Please feel free to use our Large event assessment which automates the medical risk assessment as described in the event safety guide risk assessment. 

We strongly recommend that you discuss your event and requirements with us if you are using the risk assessment so we can use our experience to inform you of the likely requirements and the different methods of providing the medical cover you require.

Prior to the event, EDSFAT will determine in discussion with with the event organiser the required level of assistance. We will also liaise with relevant external agencies as required including the local NHS Ambulance Service, local NHS Hospital, local Primary Care Trust, local Health Protection Agency and a local NHS Dentist.

When covering large events Edsfat can come prepared for most eventualities including specific containers to deal with large outbreaks of D&V, large numbers of cold, wet people due to unforseen weather and enough treatment equipment and supplies to keep the medical facility open 24hrs a day during an event.

Please use the contact form to let us know about your event and how we can help!

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