About Us

Eastbourne District Scout First Aid Team, more commonly known as “EDSFAT”, is a Scout Active Support Unit operating under the administrative guidance of Eastbourne District. EDSFAT’s role is to provide first aid and medical support to scouting events in Eastbourne,  East and West Sussex, as well as throughout the UK.

EDSFAT at Sussex 100 (2016)

EDSFAT supports scouting by:

■ Helping others improve the safety of young people whilst in their charge.

■ Training others in basic First Aid by running First Response and First Aid Courses.

■ Promoting the use of High Visibility Garments and First Aid Equipment.

J-FRI-P38-1024x768EDSFAT is made up of adult members of the Scout Association, from throughout the UK, who are either Leaders or members of the Scout Active Support Unit. We operate as a Scout Active Support Unit with a manager and steering group. Members regularly attend training sessions. These keep the membership up to date with the skills, use of specialist equipment and help them to build on previously gained skills.

To help extend the support we offer to Scouting, Explorer Scouts from the age of 16 may attend our training sessions and selected events. However, under 18s are required to be a member of an Explorer Scout Unit and partake in events/training with the Scout Active Support Unit as activities to satisfy the Scout Association rules.

The Service Agreement and Constitution

As a Scout Active Support Unit, EDSFAT is required to have a Service Agreement. This is complimented by the EDSFAT constitution. At least once a year they are reviewed and possibly amended, to ensure that the work that EDSFAT undertakes is up to date and appropriate. These documents can be downloaded using the links below.

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