We are always looking for new members to join our fun and friendly team.  It does not matter at all if you are not from Eastbourne.  We have members from Chichester, Lincolnshire, Bristol and Scotland.  EDSFAT also has friends from Ireland, Poland and The Netherlands that come along and help out at the larger events and International Jamborees, if not the smaller South-East/Southern England based events as well!

For first aiders we offer a comprehensive and engaging training program and the chance to work alongside and learn from experienced first aid staff and health care professionals.  You will have lots of opportunity to put your new found knowledge to practice at the many events we cover.

For health care professionals we offer the chance to challenge your clinical skills in an environment away from hospital and to share ideas between disciplines of medicine.

For all our members we have an enjoyable social program and whilst our events are often busy they are always good fun!

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