Team History

Long long ago…

…In late 1982 a couple of scout leaders (namely Ian Lewis and John Williams) from Ditchling and Haywards Heath attended an event in West Sussex to provide simple first aid cover and security cover. In February 1983 those same scout leaders met again in Ditchling and agreed to form a dedicated team of scouters to provide first aid and communications cover for scout events in the area.

The group of scouters became known as “COEX” standing for “Combined Operations and Exercises”. This name became recognised as relating to a dedicated group of scout leaders that provided high quality and exciting first aid training to the young people of the movement as well as providing a safety net of first aid and long range communications to events enabling the young people to enjoy the adventures of the outdoors, including hikes, competitions, canoe and raft races plus many more events. COEX was originally organised as a West Sussex based team primarily based in the Haywards Heath and Ditchling.

In 1995 COEX was forced to form a district level team. This team had a bi-district name “Brighton Scout Support Team and Eastbourne District Scout Fellowship First Aid Team”, which admittedly was a mouthful!! After a few years the Scout Association requested that the team affiliated itself to a single district for administrative purposes. It was agreed to link with Eastbourne District and hence the name change to Eastbourne District Scout First Aid Team (EDSFAT)

Over the years the services offered by COEX and EDSFAT have changed very little. We still aim to provide first aid training to the both young members of the Scout Association as well as teaching First Response courses for leaders, proving first aid cover to scout events (both in Eastbourne and further afield in Sussex or nationally). Another aspect that has not changed, except its growth, is that EDSFAT still sell first aid equipment and high visibility garments and equipment at discount prices, primarily to members of the Scout Association but also publicly, helping raise the much need funds to enable EDSFAT to remain operational.

Well let us hope for even more history, watch this space……

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