Ambulance Support Unit

The Ambulance Support Unit was bought early in 2014, in 2014 it underwent a complete internal refit. The communication room was set up with our radio equipment and a simple computer dispatch system, the electrics and electronics of the auxiliary equipment was removed and a new system designed and installed and includes the ability to run from mains, a generator or 12v battery. Digital battery management ensures we get the best possible life from our batteries. In 2015 work continued to make sure the rear portion of the vehicle was in the best possible condition and the doors were replaced, it was used for a couple of events and we learned about how we could best use it, this lead to some further development. Since then we have had significant body work done to the cab to ensure longevity and the vehicle has been signwritten to match the rest of the fleet. The vehicle is a rigid back lorry with a purpose built control and command room and an area for storage and transportation of medical equipment. At events there will be space for meetings, briefings or other functions to support the medical provision as well as the radio control and command room which is designed to isolate sound from outside.


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